Jacqueline Ko OMF Canada Ambassador

Introducing Jacqueline Ko, OMF and OMF Canada Ambassador, she is a multi-award-winning Canadian performer, producer, and disability advocate. She is known for her roles in opera, theatre, musical theatre and film, and is also the founding artistic director of Opera Mariposa, a Vancouver-based performing arts company that showcases opera’s rising stars.

Source: Jacqueline Ko | Open Medicine Foundation

Pivotal Moment for ME/CFS at the NIH?

One year to the day of the Report’s initiation, Stephen Roberds, the Chair of the ME/CFS Working Group and an NANDSC Council member, stepped up before the National Advisory Council (NANDSC), the Council through which all NINDS grants, initiatives and projects must pass. Before becoming the group’s chair, Roberds knew nothing about chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), but a year working on the report has convinced him it is a serious and neglected disease. Follow the source link below for details and a link to the report.

Source: Did a Pivotal Moment For ME/CFS Just Happen? – Health Rising

Third Annual Working Group Meeting on the Molecular Basis of ME/CFS @ Stanford

Director of Scientific and Medical Outreach, Jaime Seltzer of #MEAction, gave a talk on Wednesday during a session on “Big Data and ME/CFS” at Stanford University as part of the Third Annual Working Group Meeting on the Molecular Basis of ME/CFS sponsored by the Open Medicine Foundation.

On Saturday, September 7th, from 9 A.M. PDT the proceedings will be open to the public via live stream here.

For additional highlights of the conference proceedings please follow this twitter link.

Update: Day three ended with dinner for the scientists and the OMF at Ron Davis and Janet Dafoe’s home.

Source: Patient Registry is the Key to Achieving Big Data for M.E. – #MEAction