See ME – Awareness Day Music Video

‘See ME’ is a cover of the song Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. The lyrics have been adjusted to reflect the lives of people suffering from ME/CFS. Many have become bed or housebound and live an isolated life between four walls. This song is to commemorate the millions missing who have disappeared from public life because of ME/CFS.

Created by Belgian artist Robin De Man and his son Seppe.

Using Art to Bring Visibility to ME/CFS

Christina Baltais created some artistic collages for May 12th ME/CFS awareness day.  Lives Capsized – “ME/CFS can strike any age, gender (most commonly affects women), and ethnicity (people of colour more likely to be affected). It can take down even the strongest and most robust in our communities. It’s a disease that does not discriminate; overturning the lives of millions and their families worldwide.”

Source: Using Art to Bring Visibility to Myalgic Encephalomyelitis | The Mighty

Belle and Sebastian’s ‘Protecting The Hive’

Belle and Sebastian artfully layers music with lyrics from fans on their thoughts and feelings about being quarantined at home alone to create an inspired song they call Protecting the Hive. The first release from this series is narrated by bandleader and OMF Ambassador Stuart Murdoch and friend Alessandra Lupo, set to an aerial view of Glasgow in its current lockdown state, shot by Kenny MacLeod.

How to Navigate Disability Insurance with ME/CFS

Presented by Solve ME on April 20, 2020, this online education workshop includes a conversation between legal and medical experts in the field as they share their advice on applying, appealing, and documenting your case for disability insurance with ME/CFS. Board Certified Patient Advocate, Sharon Stevenson, DVM, PhD, moderates with roundtable speakers: Lucinda Bateman, MD (Bateman Horne Center), Christopher Snell, PhD (Workwell Foundation) and Moselle C. Leland (Law Offices of Judith S. Leland).

‘Seabiscuit’ Author Laura Hillenbrand on Coronavirus Symptoms

Hillenbrand, who lives in Oregon, discussed her ongoing experience with coronavirus. “Your airways are so dramatically inflamed that your lungs get stiff and they can’t accept much oxygen. And they start basically closing themselves off.” She described it as, “like I was breathing through gauze”

Source: ‘Seabiscuit’ author Laura Hillenbrand on coronavirus symptoms: It felt ‘like I was breathing through gauze’ –